Two choices for next 365 [Help me decide!]

Man, I miss blogging every day. If only it were as easy as “sit down and write,” but that’s so nebulous, and I end up spending a lot of time twiddling my thumbs and trying to figure out what to write about.

I don’t think I’ve listened to any new music since JOY ended. Well, that’s not true. I bought a blink import a few months ago and (finally) came to the conclusion Monday night I’d probably enjoy it more outside the wrapper. Super-mega-good choice! All the giggling really livened up the time spent poring over paperwork yesterday.

Anyway, JOY made me listen to new music, and photos during the two previous years made me look at things in a new way.

I thought some time away from blogging would be good … but now that I think about it, that’s pretty much anti-logic. Not writing seriously throws off my work-life balance, I lose a big, important part of my daily routine, and did I mention it seriously throws off my work-life balance? (Plus, I like making and keeping that pact with myself.)

So I created a list of possibilities for the year to come and then narrowed it down to two:

  1. Write each day about something that makes me happy — a task, an object, a place, an idea.
  2. Try something new each day — cook a dish I’ve never cooked before, wear my hair a different way, do something old in a new way, visit a place on my “would like to check out” list … whatever.

Obviously the second one is way more ambitious and would stretch me a lot more, but it could be good for me too.

Speaking my language

I spent the last couple of hours toying around with a coworker’s website, and by “toying around” I mean “digging through code because I’m tired and not very good with PHP.” I spend so little time with PHP that I’ll probably figure it out right around the time it’s not relevant anymore. Heh.

I took a course in BASIC — my very first programming language <3 -- when I was 10. Mom and Dad enrolled me in a kid-friendly class at the U of M after what I assume was a considerable amount of whining and "please-oh-please-oh-please"-ing on my part. (I don't remember whining about it, but I’m sure that’s how it came about.)

The class met on weekends, and we worked on giant machines — no DOS, no Windows, no pretty icons. We learned plenty of high-tech stuff that remains incredibly applicable, such as:

10 PRINT “Hello world!”;
20 GOTO 10

Actually, I did learn something pretty cool, at least in the mind of geeky 1980s Kate: Our final project was to write a code that made a little ASCII choo-choo train go across the screen.

I think my folder from that class is at my parents’ house. Maybe I’ll dig it out and have a “d’aww” moment instead of using that time to, you know, learn PHP or something else useful.

Speaking of useful, I’ve decided it’s time to replace the netbook with something a little less … dead. Tomorrow’s going to be an expensive day, but at the end of it I’ll have re-blued hair and (hopefully) a new netbook.

Telephony fail

An email I just received from my darling wireless carrier:

Wow indeed.

Very funny, Verizon. The replacement phone got to my office bright and early — I’ll give them a cookie for that — but things after that went downhill pretty quickly.

Why couldn’t I activate it? Perhaps it’s because the phone wouldn’t read the SIM card. Or perhaps it’s because they shipped me the wrong phone. Either way, I spent a Really Long Time trying to iron all out all the problems. I’m still too frustrated to write about it without, you know, letting out a string of expletives.

At 11 last night I was able to set up all my <3 morning alarms <3 — and that’s the only feature I’m sure works. Phone calls? I don’t know. Text messages? Absolutely no idea. The whole thing could be bricked except for the alarm clock, but, hey, at least I can listen to my 5:27 a.m. guaranteed-to-make-me-giggle pre-alarm alarm.

Verizon’s lucky that yesterday was punk-rock-sock Wednesday. PRS Wednesday is not as awesome as BDOTW Thursday, but it still makes me all sorts of woo-hoo-ey, and that means I’m probably a nicer person.

Dear new phone, please hurry

Touching my phone is tempting fate. I factory-reset it again yesterday, then I called Verizon and told them I needed one ASAP (and explained why). They’re overnighting me a new one. Then another 12 hours to set it up, then we should be back in business. Huzzah!

It took 15 minutes to type this. :pout:

Sick and grumpy whining (except for the last bit)

Too sick to go to work today, therefore too sick to shop for a netbook today, therefore blogging from my (newly reset) phone today. Kind of broke after going to the pharmacy, too.

The doctor prescribed an antibiotic, cough syrup, an inhaler and a bunch of nebulizer solution. Also Mucinex and whatever I want to take to reduce the fever.* And I got a prednisone shot at her office. :( Boooo.
*Fever: Reason I was cold enough to wear my favorite hoodie today. Woo!

A couple of these are regular maintenance meds; the rest are new. And I haven’t bought the Mucinex yet.


Being sick is pretty sucky.

I have a ton of work to catch up on, but I’m tired and going to bed.

Oh! Speaking of going to bed, I was able to back up all the details of my morning alarms — except for the songs associated with each — before I reset my phone. And I had plenty of waiting-room time today to take care of most of that. So waking up to the pre-alarm alarm tomorrow morning will be a super-WIN again.