An email I just received from my darling wireless carrier:

Wow indeed.

Very funny, Verizon. The replacement phone got to my office bright and early — I’ll give them a cookie for that — but things after that went downhill pretty quickly.

Why couldn’t I activate it? Perhaps it’s because the phone wouldn’t read the SIM card. Or perhaps it’s because they shipped me the wrong phone. Either way, I spent a Really Long Time trying to iron all out all the problems. I’m still too frustrated to write about it without, you know, letting out a string of expletives.

At 11 last night I was able to set up all my <3 morning alarms <3 — and that’s the only feature I’m sure works. Phone calls? I don’t know. Text messages? Absolutely no idea. The whole thing could be bricked except for the alarm clock, but, hey, at least I can listen to my 5:27 a.m. guaranteed-to-make-me-giggle pre-alarm alarm.

Verizon’s lucky that yesterday was punk-rock-sock Wednesday. PRS Wednesday is not as awesome as BDOTW Thursday, but it still makes me all sorts of woo-hoo-ey, and that means I’m probably a nicer person.