I spent the last couple of hours toying around with a coworker’s website, and by “toying around” I mean “digging through code because I’m tired and not very good with PHP.” I spend so little time with PHP that I’ll probably figure it out right around the time it’s not relevant anymore. Heh.

I took a course in BASIC — my very first programming language <3 -- when I was 10. Mom and Dad enrolled me in a kid-friendly class at the U of M after what I assume was a considerable amount of whining and "please-oh-please-oh-please"-ing on my part. (I don't remember whining about it, but I’m sure that’s how it came about.)

The class met on weekends, and we worked on giant machines — no DOS, no Windows, no pretty icons. We learned plenty of high-tech stuff that remains incredibly applicable, such as:

10 PRINT “Hello world!”;
20 GOTO 10

Actually, I did learn something pretty cool, at least in the mind of geeky 1980s Kate: Our final project was to write a code that made a little ASCII choo-choo train go across the screen.

I think my folder from that class is at my parents’ house. Maybe I’ll dig it out and have a “d’aww” moment instead of using that time to, you know, learn PHP or something else useful.

Speaking of useful, I’ve decided it’s time to replace the netbook with something a little less … dead. Tomorrow’s going to be an expensive day, but at the end of it I’ll have re-blued hair and (hopefully) a new netbook.