Man, I miss blogging every day. If only it were as easy as “sit down and write,” but that’s so nebulous, and I end up spending a lot of time twiddling my thumbs and trying to figure out what to write about.

I don’t think I’ve listened to any new music since JOY ended. Well, that’s not true. I bought a blink import a few months ago and (finally) came to the conclusion Monday night I’d probably enjoy it more outside the wrapper. Super-mega-good choice! All the giggling really livened up the time spent poring over paperwork yesterday.

Anyway, JOY made me listen to new music, and photos during the two previous years made me look at things in a new way.

I thought some time away from blogging would be good … but now that I think about it, that’s pretty much anti-logic. Not writing seriously throws off my work-life balance, I lose a big, important part of my daily routine, and did I mention it seriously throws off my work-life balance? (Plus, I like making and keeping that pact with myself.)

So I created a list of possibilities for the year to come and then narrowed it down to two:

  1. Write each day about something that makes me happy — a task, an object, a place, an idea.
  2. Try something new each day — cook a dish I’ve never cooked before, wear my hair a different way, do something old in a new way, visit a place on my “would like to check out” list … whatever.

Obviously the second one is way more ambitious and would stretch me a lot more, but it could be good for me too.