Stop reading this post Right This Minute. Doesn’t even matter if you come back (though I’d prefer if you did). Walk directly to your remote — or however you program your DVR — and record Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight on ABC. Angels & Airwaves is playing. Find out why I’m smitten.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is on at midnight Kate-time, which means it’s 1 a.m. east coast and 10 p.m. west coast. Set your DVRs accordingly. Because you love me, that’s why.

Between now and watching AVA tonight, enjoy this geekily awesome TMJ song. Problem with this song is that it’s going to be stuck in my head all day. Songs like this should come pre-packaged with a brain scrubber because they inevitably play over … and over … and over …

From “Different Galaxies,” Too Much Joy, … Finally, 1996:

The universe is expanding.
It’s flying apart at the speed of light.
It’s way beyond all understanding.
At least it’s way beyond mine tonight.

We live on the skin of a bubble.
It stretches and grows like a toy balloon.
And I think that’s the source of my trouble,
Been light years apart since this afternoon.

Lost in space, look how we’re dressed.
It’s obvious we’re powerless.
Don’t blame yourself, don’t get depressed –
Different galaxies, the same address.

One more thing: I said some stuff about Twitter over here. I usually tweet my coworkers’ blog posts, but I felt weird tweeting my own. Still, it’d be nice if someone other than me read it.