Weekend technical difficulties

The technology-related portions of this weekend:

Friday: When I get home from work, the netbook — my primary computer — is almost dead and the charger isn’t working. Annoying but no huge deal; I can pick up an overpriced replacement charger at Best Buy later. (Why would I purposely shop at Best Buy when I know the replacement chargers are overpriced? Gift cards!)

Saturday: My phone finally gets the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) OS upgrade. It begins rebooting at random every five minutes or so, then every four minutes or so, then every three minutes or so … until eventually it’s in a boot loop and crazy overheated. I can’t even get it stable in safe mode. DVR stops working.

Sunday, noon: The cough I’ve had for 27 days has morphed into something that’s, err, probably worth seeing a doctor about. I waffle. I don’t want to go because my last lung infection landed me in a year of tests at UT Cancer Institute. But the lung infection before that one turned into pneumonia. I’m glad my parents are out of town. I’d much prefer to stay in bed, but I need to take care of the netbook charger and phone. At least the DVR is working again; losing three devices in one weekend would be overkill.

Sunday, 4pm: Phone store. I determine in 15 seconds that I know more about my phone than the tech support guy does. (Eh, I can’t expect him to know everything about every device they carry.) I dread a factory reset, but I’m confident it’s the only logical remaining option. At least most of the important stuff from the internal drive has been backed up to Dropbox or the netbook.

Sunday, 4:30pm: Fight the crowd at Best Buy. It’s tax-free weekend, and all computers less than $1,500 are eligible. Finally flag down a friendly employee. She takes me to the replacement cables. I accidentally cough on her. (Sorry.) >_<

Sunday, 5pm: Reset the phone.

Sunday, 5:05pm: Plug in the replacement cable. The netbook is still dead. Guess the charger shorted it out.

Sunday, 5:06pm: Realize how royally screwed I am.

Tomorrow: Work, doctor, pharmacy, shop for new netbook.

… Stupid solar flares.

Not very grr-ey at all

Lauren’s a very nice person in real life. She even won over The Little Joe-Kitty, who normally likes only boys. O_o

Also, she did not kill me in my sleep.

Anxious but confident (but still anxious)

I’m anxiously awaiting a one-night houseguest (apartmentguest). The anxious part is because she drove 600 miles yesterday, stopped for the night in the middle of Nebraska, then left this morning with 800 miles to go to get here. She has a dog in tow, she’s “not much of a planner,” and she has another 800 miles to go tomorrow.

When it’s over, I won’t be anxious. I mean that in so goddamn many ways. :sigh:


I’m off to take all my frustrations out on the piano. And paint my nails. Maybe not in that order.

No, you!

As I was leaving my doctor’s office last night, the office manager said, “Stay as cool as you are.”

I said, “Oh, I know. But it rained today, so it’s not nearly as hot as it was yesterday.”

Then she said, “No — you! Stay as cool as you are!”

D’aww. It’s the little things. ^_^ The world would be a nicer place if people were … nicer … to each other, you know?

Counting (digital) sheep

I’m considering checking out one of those sleep-graphing apps — Sleep as Android or Sleepbot or something along those lines. (For you iPhone users, I think the popular one is Sleep Cycle.) Does anyone have any experience with them?

Mornings are awesome — well, most mornings — and only two of my [not saying how many] morning alarms are geared toward waking up: the 5:27 pre-alarm alarm and the 5:30 real alarm. The other ones define other tasks, such as feeding the cats (5:33) and heating up breakfast if I’m hungry (5:37).

My aunt told Mom that Sleep Cycle has worked wonders: “I always thought I was getting enough sleep, but I wasn’t sleeping as well as I thought. Now I know why I’m tired in the morning!” OK, that sounds like she speaks in infomercials, so chances are she didn’t say it just like that.

Anyway, any thumbs-up or thumbs-down experiences?

There’s also a sleep-talk recorder, but I flatly refuse to try it. The prospect of listening to the replay in the morning horrifies me. I don’t want to know what I said overnight!

OK, get out there and enjoy Punk-Rock-Sock Wednesday. ^_^ And don’t forget to water your flowers.